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About Us

Animal Care Clinic is a full-service veterinary clinic in North Canton, OH. Our friendly and experienced team strives to provide high-quality medical care, surgical care and dental care for your pets.   Our clinic is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and educational opportunities for our clients.

Our Animal Care Passion

We’re not just another veterinary clinic!  We absolutely love providing the best-possible veterinary care for your cherished pets! Animal Care Clinic has built a reputation as one of the best animal hospitals serving Canton, Jackson Township, Massillon and surrounding areas.

Meet Our Team


Kendall Snyder DVM

Kendall Snyder, DVM

Dr. Kendall Snyder is a highly experienced and dedicated veterinarian who has spent the last 20 years working in the veterinary field. Starting as a kennel helper and veterinary assistant, Dr. Snyder's love for animals has driven her to pursue a career in the field. Before entering the field, Dr. Snyder volunteered her time at the Wayne County Humane Society and a privately owned zoo, further solidifying her passion for animals. Dr. Snyder attended Hiram College where she earned her bachelor's of arts degree. She then went on to earn her veterinary degree at the Ohio State University

Dr. Snyder is the owner of the Animal Care Clinic, a place she considers to be a second home. After working at several other clinics, Dr. Snyder was impressed by the kindness and compassion of the clients and pets at ACC and felt at home in the supportive environment. With her hard work and dedication, she has built an exceptional staff and is proud to be a part of a clinic that is filled with kindness and compassion every day.

Dr. Snyder's favorite aspect of her role is working with puppies and kittens, but she also excels in surgery. She is dedicated to providing the best care possible for each pet and is passionate about ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of their pet's needs and treatments. Outside of the workplace, Dr. Snyder is dedicated to staying up to date on the best treatments through podcasts and lectures.

In her personal life, Dr. Snyder is an avid horseback rider and is passionate about dressage. She breeds dressage horses and competes in shows, having earned a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medal. Dr. Snyder's pet family at home includes a pit bull named Gemma, several indoor cats, and two barn cats who help keep unwanted visitors out of the barn where she keeps her horses. With her dedication to animals and her passion for providing exceptional care, Dr. Snyder is a true inspiration in the veterinary field.

Sarah Sikora DVM

Sarah Sikora, DVM

(USDA Certified)

Dr. Sikora has had a life-long dream of becoming a veterinarian due to her passion for animals. She even spent time throughout childhood reading books written by veterinarians which inspired her to pursue animal medicine. As a teenager she gained experience in the field working at a vet’s office, assisting a dog breeder, and volunteering at the Humane Society. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Dayton and then attended The Ohio State University where she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Lebeau, founder of the Animal Care Clinic, welcomed her into the ACC team upon graduation in 2001. She’s been with us ever since!

When asked what’s kept her here all these years, Dr. Sikora is quick to highlight how proud she is of the medical care we provide and the wonderful relationships she has with the team, patients and clients.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Sikora appreciates observing the human-animal bond between owners and their pets and enjoys strengthening that bond by helping soothe pain in the animals she treats, giving every patient the care she’d provide for her own pets.

She and her husband have two sons, and they share their home with their beautiful Goldendoodle named Blue. When she’s not at the clinic, Dr. Sikora and her family enjoy hiking, and participating in the many family-friendly activities the Akron/Canton area has to offer.

Susan Kaiser DVM

Susan Kaiser, DVM

(USDA Certified)

For Dr. Kaiser, a career as a veterinarian was a no-brainer because it combined her two loves: animals and science. She graduated in 2006 from Tufts University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts. After graduation, she completed a small animal internship at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron. Before coming to the Animal Care Clinic, she spent time caring for manatees at the Columbus Zoo.

Dr. Kaiser was part of the Animal Care Clinic family from 2007 to 2016, and after a brief time away she re-joined us in 2020. Our clients couldn’t be happier to have her back! Her goal as a veterinarian is not only to help animals, but to help the people attached to those animals understand how to care for them as best as they can. Our clients appreciate her ability to explain medical conditions in an understandable way. She sets a great example for our staff by keeping up with the latest veterinary diagnostics and treatments through continued education.

In her free time she enjoys traveling, thrift shopping, refinishing vintage furniture and wine tasting with her husband, as well as spending time with her ridiculously spoiled Australian Cattle dog, Koala.



David Juarez, Practice Manager

David is a dedicated Practice Manager at the Animal Care Clinic with almost a decade of experience in the veterinary field. He started his journey in animal care as a veterinary assistant after obtaining an associate's degree in Veterinary Technology in 2014. He later left the ACC exploring other opportunities in the pet industry. Along the way, he obtained his adjuster’s license and worked as a pet insurance claims processor, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. He returned to the Animal Care Clinic full-time after Dr. Snyder took over as the new owner, impressed by her vision for excellent medicine and compassionate care.

David takes great pride in his work as the Practice Manager at the Animal Care Clinic, and understands that building strong relationships with clients is crucial to the success of the practice. He is committed to ensuring that each client feels valued and appreciated, recognizing that these relationships are critical to the clinic's ongoing success. David's commitment to creating a positive and meaningful work environment extends to both his interactions with the team and his dedication to improving the clinic. He understands that the success of the clinic depends on the collective efforts of the team, and he works tirelessly to ensure that each team member feels valued and supported. David recognizes the unique strengths and abilities of each team member and encourages them to leverage their talents to the benefit of the clinic and its patients.

In addition to his focus on team dynamics, David is always open to feedback from both his team and clients, recognizing that continuous improvement is critical to the success of the practice. He actively seeks out ways to improve every aspect of the clinic, from the patient experience to the team's work environment. David's passion for finding new and innovative ways to deliver exceptional care to every patient that comes through the doors of the Animal Care Clinic is a driving force behind his commitment to excellence.

Outside of work, David is a lifelong learner, with a love of tennis. He is a proud father of two beautiful girls and has a pet family consisting of two Shetland Sheepdogs, guinea pigs, and a few orange tabbies, with his love for all animals evident in his relationship with his pets. His Shetland Sheepdog, Rooney, frequently accompanies him to the clinic and can often be found greeting guests from the front desk. Feel free to tip his services by offering him a treat at checkout!


Maryann, Administrative Assistant

Maryann is our Administrative Assistant and dedicated team member at the Animal Care Clinic. Since starting in the veterinary field in 1990, Maryann has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to working with clients and their pets.

Growing up, Maryann has always had a love for animals and wanted to help them in any way she could. This passion led her to pursue a career in the veterinary field, where she has excelled in her roles at the clinic.

Maryann decided to join the Animal Care Clinic when she was won over by the positive vibes and friendly atmosphere. At the clinic, Maryann excels in client relations, thanks to her many years of working there and building strong relationships with clients. She also enjoys decorating and party planning, and is responsible for the administration of the boarding services, making sure the animals are well taken care of throughout the day.

Maryann's most important goal is to make sure that all clients and their pets are well taken care of every day. She always strives to address all of our clients' questions and make sure they understand everything they need to know about their pet's care.

Outside of her role at the clinic, Maryann is passionate about taking care of animals and also enjoys pet sitting. Her fur babies, Be-zo, Solo, Jersey, Harris, and Mr. Butters are her world and she loves to spend time with them and her family.

With her passion for animals, extensive experience in the veterinary field, and dedication to her role at the clinic, Maryann is truly a valuable asset to the Animal Care Clinic and the pet owners she serves.

Medical Team

Taylor, RVT

Taylor, Lead RVT

Meet Taylor, Lead RVT at the Animal Care Clinic. Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the clinic having entered the field in 2016 and obtaining her license in 2018. Prior to entering this field, Taylor volunteered and worked as a zoo keeper for a combined 4 years, which solidified her love for animals and sparked her interest in the medical aspect of veterinary care.

Taylor joined the Animal Care Clinic after finishing tech school, but left for a time to gain more experience with exotic animals. However, the desire to be close to home and start a family brought her back to the clinic, which she considered her second home due to its wonderful culture and dedication to education and continued learning.

As the Lead RVT, Taylor's favorite aspect of her role is training the staff and aspiring RVTs, utilizing her leadership skills and ensuring the clinic has a solid medical team. Taylor excels at client education and surgery and strives to provide the best possible care to each patient. Taylor's goal everyday is to assist the doctors as much as possible to ensure a smooth running of the clinic.

In her free time, Taylor enjoys being a mother and spending time with her family. She also enjoys camping and traveling. Her special interests include; surgery, leadership, and preventive medicine to help pets live healthy, happy lives. Taylor is also a member of the Ohio Association of Veterinary Technicians.

Taylor's pet family consists of Gemma, her Brittany Spaniel, Wreck it Ralph, her cat, and Snoop Hoggy Hog, her hedgehog. She has a special bond with each of her pets and works hard to ensure they can live their best life.

Mariana, RVT

Mariana, RVT

Mariana is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) who first started in the field in 2015 and became licensed in 2016. Before entering this field, she worked at pet stores and doggy daycares, where she gained valuable experience working with animals. Her passion for animals along with an interest in their medical and scientific care led her to pursue a career in the veterinary field. Initially, Mariana attended Ohio State University with a focus in human medicine, but after realizing that working with animals directly would be more fulfilling, she switched her focus to veterinary care. Her love for animals and desire to help those who can't speak for themselves drives her commitment to providing the best possible care at the Animal Care Clinic.

Mariana was first introduced to the Animal Care Clinic by a colleague and has been an integral part of the team ever since. She appreciates the welcoming atmosphere and feels honored to be a trusted member of the clinic as an RVT. Mariana takes pride in being entrusted with important tasks such as assisting in surgeries and administering medication. Her primary goal when she enters the clinic is to make a positive impact on each patient's well-being. She communicates effectively with clients, providing them with the necessary information to care for their pets. Additionally, Mariana is continuously working to improve her skills and knowledge, regularly engaging in further education opportunities outside of work.

In her free time, Mariana loves to spend time outdoors, exploring the great outdoors through activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and stargazing. She is also a plant collector and has a strong interest in anything related to nature.

Mariana has a loving family of pets that includes Snookie, a spunky Yorkie-Poo, Louie, a charming Shih Tzu-Poodle mix, and Pumpkin, a playful Domestic Long Hair feline. Her pets hold a special place in her heart and are a top priority. With a passion for animal welfare, Mariana works tirelessly to ensure that her own pets live comfortable, healthy, and happy lives.

Meredith, RVT

Meredith, RVT

Meredith is a highly experienced and compassionate Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) with a passion for providing quality animal healthcare. With years of work in the veterinary field since 2012 and a license obtained in 2015, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Meredith has honed her skills in caring for animals of all ages, including horses, through her prior working experiences at a therapeutic horseback riding farm and at a boarding and grooming kennel. Her love for animals started at a young age, when her involvement in 4-H and pet-sitting experiences deepened her affection for pets of all sizes. This passion was further fueled when her Bearded Collie was diagnosed with Addison's disease, inspiring her to pursue a career in helping animals.

Meredith is a highly valued member of the team, bringing her passion for animal care and compassion to work every day. She is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of every patient she encounters. With her exceptional communication skills and educational background, she provides clients with a thorough understanding of their pet's condition and the available treatment options, and shares important information about pet enrichment. She chose to work at Animal Care Clinic for its reputation for top-notch animal care, commitment to safety, and experienced staff.

In addition to her work at the clinic, Meredith is an active member of Ohio Horseman's Council and Ohio Association of Veterinary Technicians, and is a Fear Free Certified professional. She is dedicated to continuous education and improvement, regularly participating in workshops and training programs in areas such as animal enrichment, behavior, internal medicine, and anesthesia/surgery.

In her personal life, Meredith's family, including her pets, is her biggest source of inspiration and joy. She has three cats, two horses, and a dog who are all cherished members of her pet family. In her free time, she enjoys trail riding, spending time with family and friends, and researching her genealogy. Meredith is truly dedicated to her role and her love for animals shines through in all that she does.


Summer, RVT

Summer is a registered veterinary technician (RVT) at the Animal Care Clinic. She started her journey in 2014 by working with animals on a farm. She later went on to become a Veterinary Assistant and obtained her license in 2021. Summer ended up at the Animal Care Clinic through a recommendation. She has remained at this clinic because of the positive and supportive staff.

Summer's favorite aspect of her role is trying to make the pets as comfortable as possible during their visit. She excels at using minimal restraint, talking calmly, and even singing to distract or soothe the pet. Before her shift ends, she aims to be as helpful as possible to her coworkers. When engaging with clients, Summer's ultimate goal is to help them understand their pet's health and make their visit a positive experience.

Outside of work, Summer has a keen interest in animal behavior and is passionate about learning more about handling pets that are hard to manage. Her personal interests include spending time with her family, being outdoors, and trying her hand at art.

Summer's pet family at home consists of three dogs named Lola, Tucker, and Tank, two cats named Rascal and Marley, a saltwater fish tank, and an axolotl. To Summer, her pets are like her kids, and she has a close and loving relationship with them.


Tristian, Vet Assistant

Tristian is a highly skilled  Vet Assistant at the Animal Care Clinic. With several years of experience in the veterinary field, Tristian has always had a passion for helping and being around animals. Growing up with pets, mostly dogs but a few pocket pets and rabbits, she knew from a young age that a career in animal care was the right choice.

Tristian ended up at the Animal Care Clinic by completing her second internship required by her tech school here. Due to the pandemic, she was able to stay on for her third and final internship and was subsequently hired prior to graduation. Tristan chooses to remain at this clinic because of the supportive team and the opportunity to work with a wide range of animals.

One of Tristian's favorite aspects of her role is monitoring during anesthesia and all the preparation work in between, which she excels at with efficiency and organization. Everyday when she enters the clinic, her ultimate goal is to befriend our patients, see happy tail wags, and give lots of treats.

Outside of work, Tristian enjoys kayaking, being outdoors, hiking, and exploring. Tristan's pet family at home consists of Tilly, a one-year-old lab/pit mix rescue from the Tuscarawas Humane Society. Tilly is her sidekick and goes anywhere she goes, including work.


James, Vet Assistant

James is a skilled and versatile member of the Animal Care Clinic team able to help in multiple roles. With his experience in the veterinary field and a background growing up on a farm, James brings a unique set of skills to his role. He is adept at handling animals of all kinds and enjoys connecting with their owners to provide excellent care and service.

He joined the Animal Care Clinic as an intern and never left. This was his first job before completing vet tech school. James' favorite aspect of his role is getting to handle all the lovely animals and talk to owners about how silly they can be. He excels at showing owners that he cares for their pets and is always there to provide the best possible care for them.

Outside of work, James works another full-time job but still manages to find time for his personal interests and hobbies. He loves spending time with his family, going on hikes, and playing video games. James loves to travel all over and takes his Dalmatian, Maverick, on hikes. Though he may be busy with work, he still finds time to enjoy his passions and interests.


Rachel, Vet Assistant

Rachel is a compassionate and dedicated Vet Assistant who has a background working at PetSmart for three years and a boarding kennel for one year before entering the veterinary field. Her lifelong love for animals has motivated her to gain as much experience as possible with various species. Rachel finds great fulfillment in caring for and assisting animals, as well as building connections with both animals and their owners.

Rachel's journey in the veterinary field began at the Animal Care Clinic (ACC), where she was given the opportunity to learn and grow through the training program. She holds a deep appreciation for the clinic's warm and compassionate culture, where everyone works together as a team to provide the best possible care for the patients.

Rachel's passion for providing comprehensive care to animals is evident in her work. She takes great pride in communicating with pet owners and educating them about their pets' health needs. Her top priority is to create a stress-free, friendly, and secure environment for her patients while ensuring that their owners feel supported and informed. Rachel's dedication to her work at ACC is driven by her love for animals and her commitment to providing exceptional care to both pets and their owners.

Her personal interests include hiking, spending time with friends and family, and caring for her pets. Her pet family at home consists of Daisy, a family cat; Toast, a DSH; and Darla, a hedgehog.


Zoe, Vet Assistant

Zoe is a dedicated veterinary assistant who is dedicated to improving the lives of animals. With a deep love for animals, Zoe has always known that she wanted to work in the veterinary field, and after being positively influenced by one of our RVTs, she was inspired to pursue a career as a veterinary technician.

As a student at Kent State University, Zoe is currently working towards her degree in veterinary technology, and she is already making a positive impact in the lives of the animals and their owners at the clinic where she works. As a veterinary assistant, Zoe is responsible for taking care of the animals in the clinic, as well as providing support and guidance to their owners.

In her role, Zoe is particularly proud of her ability to explain medication to clients in a way that is clear and accessible, ensuring that their pets receive the care and treatment they need. At home, Zoe is a proud pet parent to two dogs, a cat, a gerbil, and a leopard gecko, and she enjoys spending her spare time camping and hiking with her furry friends.

With her hard work, dedication, and love for animals, Zoe is well on her way to achieving her goal of becoming a veterinarian technician, and she is making a positive impact in the lives of animals and their owners every day.


Stephanie, Vet Assistant / Client Care Coordinator

Stephanie is a highly experienced and dedicated veterinary assistant and client care coordinator who has been working in the field since 2007. Her passion for working with animals and people led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, and she hasn't looked back since. Stephanie joined the Animal Care Clinic, due to the supportive work environment and opportunities for growth.

As a veterinary assistant, Stephanie finds joy in every aspect of her job, from interacting with the animals to educating clients about their pet's health. Her top priority is ensuring that clients fully understand the information they receive and that all procedures are carried out with the utmost care.

Outside of work, Stephanie loves spending time with her husband Tony and indulging in outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. She has a close-knit pet family that includes Riot, her faithful companion, a Dachshund named Henry, a Bearded Dragon named Nova, a snake named “Um”, and two cats named “Things and Stuff” & “Homely Curbside”..

Stephanie's passion for animals and dedication to providing the best possible care make her a highly valuable member of the Animal Care Clinic team. Her welcoming personality and positive attitude set the tone for the clinic's supportive work culture, and her commitment to mentoring new hires ensures that they feel welcomed and supported from day one.


Joslyn, Vet Assistant

Joslyn Dukich, a Vet Assistant at the Animal Care Clinic. Although new to the veterinary field, Joslyn has always had a keen interest in working with animals. She decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, attending a pre-vet program, as it would allow her to combine her love for animals with her passion for helping others.

Joslyn discovered Animal Care Clinic during a school career day where she had the opportunity to job shadow and was immediately drawn to the clinic's positive and dynamic environment. Joslyn is committed to learning and growing within the clinic's supportive and nurturing culture, as she works towards achieving her long-term goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Joslyn's favorite part of her role is engaging with clients and their pets, where she has an opportunity to educate and support them. She is observant and patient with pets, which allows her to form strong connections with them. Joslyn's dedication to her role and passion for animals is evident in everything she does, and she is excited about the opportunity to advance her skills and knowledge in the veterinary field.

Outside of the workplace, Joslyn rides horses and competes with her equestrian team. She was in the top ten in the nation for her division in 2021 and went on to compete at nationals. She also has a passion for animal activism and enjoys working with her dog, reading, and watching true crime. Joslyn's pet family at home includes a cat named Lee Lee, who's her best friend and follows her everywhere. She also has her dad's Great Pyrenees, two bunnies named Copper and Olive, and a few other furry friends.


Emma, Tech Assistant

Meet Emma, the passionate Tech Assistant at the Animal Care Clinic who is dedicated to helping animals and their owners. With a deep love for animals, Emma's interest in the field sparked when she started bringing her own dogs to the clinic, where she was able to turn her shadowing opportunity into a job that allows her to continue learning and growing.

As a Tech Assistant, Emma's role involves ensuring that every client and their furry companions receive the best possible care. Her favorite part of the job is seeing the joy on clients' faces when they are reunited with their pets after boarding or medical treatment. Emma's approachable nature and warm smile make clients feel welcomed and reassured that their pets are in excellent hands.

Emma is constantly eager to learn and grow in her role, making it her goal to learn something new every day. Her drive and dedication extend beyond the clinic, where she is an active member of the local High School’s band and coaches little kids' soccer. In her free time, Emma enjoys spending time with her family, camping, fishing, and boating. At home, she cares for her two pugs, Bella and Frankie, and her three turtles, Dino, Ninja, and Splash.

Currently attending high school, Emma plans to pursue her dreams of becoming a registered veterinary technician by attending Kent State. With her unwavering passion and dedication, Emma is sure to make a positive impact in the veterinary field and help many animals along the way.


Sabrina, Vet Assistant

Meet Sabrina, our multi-talented Veterinary Assistant with over 13 years of experience in the veterinary field. Her passion for animals began in high school, working part-time at a kennel, and has only grown since. Motivated by witnessing mistreated animals, Sabrina is committed to ensuring pets stay healthy and educating owners on proper care. Since moving to Ohio in January 2024, she has found a welcoming home at the Animal Care Clinic, where she values the shared commitment to exceptional animal care.

Sabrina excels in surgery and blood draws, always striving to make appointments as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both pets and their owners. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family, friends, and boyfriend. At home, she has a loving relationship with her two dogs, Zander and Zoey, and three cats, Max, Coal, and Smudge, who never fail to win her over with their charm.


Holly, Senior Kennel Attendant

Holly's dedication and commitment to working weekends and every holiday for the past 15 years is a testament to her passion for caring for animals and providing exceptional service to the Animal Care Clinic community.  Her lifelong love for animals and natural calling to work with them has led her to excel in her role, ensuring our patients in her care feel safe and comfortable. Holly's top priority is maintaining clean, organized, and safe kennels for the patients. Her hard work and attention to detail has helped ensure that our boarding patients receive the best possible care, even during the busiest times of the year.

Holly is a multi-talented individual with a wide range of interests and passions. As a professional pianist and musical theater director, she enjoys teaching piano and continuing her education. Her love for vintage and fighter aircraft, as well as the Indianapolis 500, also occupies her free time. In addition to her hobbies, Holly cares for her mother and has a full pet family at home, consisting (at the time of writing) of six Chihuahuas, a parrot, nine chickens, a handicapped pigeon, and a house chicken. She considers her pets to be her family and has a strong bond with each of them, which reflects her dedication and passion beyond the clinic walls, making her a valuable member of the Animal Care Clinic team.

Client Care Coordinators


Rebecca, Lead Client Care Coordinator


Rebecca is our talented Lead Client Care Coordinator at the Animal Care Clinic. With several years of experience working multiple positions in the veterinary field, Rebecca is dedicated to helping pets in need and building strong relationships with clients. She joined the ACC after moving to North Canton and was drawn to its welcoming family atmosphere.

As a Lead Client Care Coordinator, Rebecca's favorite aspect of her role is building connections with clients while helping their pets. She strives to make every client feel heard and confident in the care their pet is receiving. Outside of work, Rebecca has received the VRCE (Veterinary Reception Certificate of Excellence), furthering her education and abilities to serve clients and patients.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys kayaking and exploring with her dog, Otto - a Rottweiler-Shepherd mix. She also has four other furry friends - Jimmi, Yuki, Peaches, and Benjamin Butters - who are all an important part of her life. Rebecca is passionate about her pets and making the most of her time with them.


Morgan, Client Care Coordinator Shift Lead

Morgan is a Client Care Coordinator at the Animal Care Clinic. Although new to the veterinary field, Morgan has quickly established herself as a valuable member of our team. Her welcoming personality, combined with her exceptional communication skills and strong work ethic, make her a true asset to our clinic. Before joining the veterinary field, Morgan honed her customer service skills while working in the food industry, and was inspired to pursue a position working with animals in order to better care for her own aging pets.

As a Client Care Coordinator, Morgan is at her best when connecting with clients and ensuring they feel heard and at ease during their visits. Her favorite aspect of her role is the opportunity to always be learning something new and she excels at client communication, effectively relaying their concerns to the medical staff. With every shift, Morgan's goal is to be an effective communicator and supportive team player.

Outside of work, Morgan is a language enthusiast, studying Japanese and loves to roller-skate and create content by editing photos and videos. She is also actively involved in Girl Scouts, having received her silver and gold awards and continues to participate in community projects. Morgan's passion for her interests and community involvement make her an inspiration to those around her.

Morgan's pet family includes a cat named George and a dog named London, both of whom she considers to be her siblings. Despite George being a "menace," and London being the "sweetest girl," these two are best friends and bring a lot of love and joy into Morgan's life. We're proud to have Morgan as part of our team and look forward to watching her continue to flourish in her role at the Animal Care Clinic.


Carrie, Client Care Coordinator

Carrie is a highly experienced and compassionate Client Care Coordinator who has dedicated her career to ensuring the well-being of animals. Her love for animals started at a young age and led her to join the veterinary field, where she began her journey at the Animal Care Clinic in 2001. Although her journey in the field was interrupted by other life priorities and twists and turns, she never lost her passion for helping pets and their owners.

Since returning to ACC in February 2021, she has made it her mission to create a warm and welcoming environment for every client and their furry friends. Her ability to empathize with pet owners and listen to their needs allows her to provide the best possible experience for their pets. Her attention to detail and thoroughness in gathering information has been a tremendous asset to both our patients and team alike.

Outside of work, Carrie enjoys spending time with her family, including her furry family member: Sassy Sassafras, a miniature Golden Doodle. Her love for nature and animals extends beyond the clinic, where she often finds joy sitting outside and observing animals or working in her flowerbed. She takes pride in watching her children grow into fine young adults and seeing their achievements in life. With her dedication to client care and her passion for animals, Carrie is an invaluable asset to the Animal Care Clinic team.


Cindi, Client Care Coordinator

Meet Cindi, a Client Care Coordinator (CCC) at the Animal Care Clinic. With many years of experience in the veterinary field, Cindi has always had a passion for animals and their care. Before joining the veterinary field, she worked in human health care and quickly realized that working with animals was a much better fit for her.

Cindi is grateful to work in a positive and supportive work environment, surrounded by colleagues who share her love for animals. With exceptional skills in client communication and attention to detail, Cindi goes above and beyond to ensure that every pet receives the care they need and that every client feels heard and understood.

Outside of work, Cindi enjoys spending time with her family and caring for her two dogs, Roxanne, Frankie, and her cat Mister. She is an avid reader and skilled knitter and crocheter, Cindi also harbors a passion for furniture restoration, a hobby she hopes to revisit when she finds the space. To Cindi, her pets are part of her family and she takes their care seriously, just as she does for all of the pets under her care at the clinic.

**NEW Hours Coming**

We would like to inform you that effective April 10, we are changing our operating hours on all Mondays & Tuesdays to 8am - 6pm. We hope that the new time will be more convenient to our clients and allow us to provide a better service to you.

As always, we must also have our staff’s best interests in mind. To avoid the risk of employee burnout with our extended hours, we will be adjusting our hours and services on select Saturdays. Effective October 2021, we will be continuing our normal business hours, 8am - 12pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month.

The remaining Saturdays we will only be open for a 2 hour window from 9am - 11am in which we can accommodate medicine pick ups and/or boarding services. As there will not be a veterinarian on site on these limited Saturdays, we will not be able to schedule appointments or fill new prescriptions on those days.

We thank you for your continued support.
- the Animal Care Clinic team